The planning application which is being put together by the promoters includes land to deliver at least 4,500 new homes, create approximately 2,500 new jobs and deliver a whole range of new community facilities.


New community facilities

Providing the right facilities for residents is important. The scheme will provide a range of community facilities, with multi-functional halls and retail units for local shops and services located at the heart of the development. The two local centres and linking ‘high street’ will provide a focus for the neighbourhood bringing together traditional design principles, modern building standards and improving facilities for residents on the western edge of the existing town.

Subject to discussion with the Borough and County Councils, provision for other services such as retail, leisure, social, cultural, community and healthcare could be included within the proposals.


New schools

The proposals will include sites for three new primary schools and a secondary school, to provide the required number of pupil places generated by the development with potential additional capacity to serve a wider need.  The play space and sports facilities within the proposed schools will be available for wider community use out of school hours. The first primary school will be delivered with the first 300 new homes built.



Landscape and ecology

The proposals take full account of existing habitats within and surrounding the site and seek to maximise the potential to deliver new habitats for biodiversity, with the creation of ‘wildlife corridors’ through the development and through management of the large areas of existing woodland within the site. Existing hedgerows will be retained where possible throughout the site and enhanced by high quality planting, including the use of native species This integrated approach will seek to achieve real benefits for the flora and fauna that are known to occur locally, such as bats and woodland birds.

Green space creates an important part of the feel of the new neighbourhood, with green swathes, play areas and retained mature woodland used to soften the impact on the wider landscape and reduce visibility from further afield. The green spaces will also include new ponds, designed to accommodate surface water from the development during periods of heavy rain as well as to create attractive focal points for the new homes.

The design of the landscaped spaces will also improve access to countryside and local facilities for existing residents of the western part of Corby.


Transport infrastructure

Cycle and footpath links will be provided throughout the development and across the A6003 Uppingham Road to provide access to new and existing facilities within the development and Corby itself. This will help to promote walking and cycling and reduce the reliance on the car.

Vehicular access to the development will be provided from the A6003 Uppingham Road (at an improved junction at Danesholme Road) and from a new junction to the south of the two water towers. An additional access from the north via the A427 is also being included with associated local road network improvements. 

The new neighbourhood will also be served by a regular bus service running through the heart of the development to provide a direct and convenient link with the town centre and potentially other destinations such as the railway station.




Surface Water and Foul Water Sewerage networks are to be designed to be adopted by Anglian Water. The proposal will include an extensive Sustainable Urban Drainage System – to capture rainwater across the development and hold it back in designated ponds to limit the run-off to the current ‘greenfield’ conditions in accordance with Environment Agency standards and reduce issues with flash flooding further downstream.  This system will also take account of the requirements set out in the Northamptonshire Local Flooding Risk Management Study, Corby Flood Risk Management Strategy and the Corby Water Cycle Study.


Jobs and the local economy

The construction of the new homes and community facilities will help to provide jobs for local people and work for local enterprise. New households will bring additional spending power which can support local businesses.

Alongside this, new employment areas included within the proposals provides the opportunity for a significant new allocation for the town. Space will be made available at an early stage of the development and will be brought forward as demand increases for new commercial space.

The proposals will also deliver new smaller business spaces such as offices and light industrial units along the High Street, helping to nurture new businesses and allowing them to grow and stay in Corby. Excluding jobs created throughout the construction of the development, it is envisaged that the development will create around 2,500 jobs.  

Below: Examples of the types of employment units that would be included with the proposals