June update

22 Jun 2016

Since our community consultations in Autumn 2015, we have made a number of changes to the proposals in order to take account of the comments received through the consultation events from members of the public and subsequently with officers of the Borough Council and other key stakeholders (including the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit, Joint Delivery Unit, County Council and the Wildlife Trust). The changes include:

  • Re-location of the proposed secondary school to be more central to the development;
  • Addition of a new vehicle link between the site and the A427;
  • Inclusion of employment opportunities on the main street between the two local centres;
  • Enhancing of the drainage proposals to take account of the latest Government guidance on climate change;
  • A detailed review of the A6003 Uppingham Road corridor and the proposed access junctions to manage speeds and improve safety;
  • Revisions to the cycle and footpath links throughout the development and routes across the A6003 into Corby and to allow existing residents to access the new schools and facilities.

We have updated our website with the new proposals and these will form part of the Outline Planning Application we hope to submit this Summer. Should the application be approved, the first new homes could be delivered starting in 2018 and 400 homes would likely be built by 2021.