Our vision for the development is to create an exciting, high quality and aspirational new neighbourhood, including new homes alongside employment space, schools, community and reacreational facilities.

Figure 84 Market Square 3D Sketch


This vision accords with the policy requirements set out in the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (July 2016) which allocated the site for development. One of the key objectives of the policy is to ' deliver a high quality, sustainable urban extension which is permeable and well connected and integrated with the town of Corby and the countryside.'

It is recognised that the A6003 Uppingham Road is a potential barrier to the integration of the proposed new neighbourhood with the wider town. Consideration as to the treatment of this important stretch of the local highway network has been a key element of our proposals in maintaining capacity through the proposed new access junctions to the development, whilst facilitating and improving pedestrian and cycle connectivity into the Town Centre.

Figure 1 Site Context Plan