Proposals for a new neighbourhood at West Corby are being promoted by Great Oakley Farms Ltd and the Rockingham Castle Estate alongside experienced house builders Barratt Developments and Taylor Wimpey. The proposals will deliver a new community of up to 4,400 new homes, supported by new employment for local employers and residents, local shops, schools, open space alongside significant investment in the local road network. The development will enable a new health centre and two community halls to be provided, and will include provision of significant new sporting facilities. The new community will therefore provide considerable benefits for both existing and future residents in the town.

The West Corby promoters submitted the outline planning application in March 2016 and have been working closely with Corby Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council and other key stakeholders to address outstanding matters in advance of the application being determined by Corby Borough Council. The planning application was approved by Corby Borough Councillors in October 2019.

The new development will allow for over 3,000 jobs and will bring investment to the area of over £1 billion over the project’s 25 year life span. The development will facilitate over £45 million of investment in new community, sporting and education facilities and will provide over £15 million of improvements to the local highway network between Corby and the A14 at Kettering, as well as subsidising improved public transport services.